SREB Initiatives

SREB Financial Assistance Initiatives

For years, SREB has served as a leader in helping expand student access to higher education, first through the Academic Common Market, and now through the “Electronic Campus” as well as promotion of Electronic Tuition Rates. Read on to see how these initiatives may be able to help you pursue the education you want.

Academic Common Market Program

The Academic Common Market (ACM) is an SREB program that offers students the opportunity to study outside their home state and pay in-state tuition rates. Residents of SREB states can pursue studies in selected programs not available in their home states. Programs are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Some states limit participation to certain levels, but all SREB states participate. You must be a resident of an SREB state and study at public college or university in another SREB state to qualify. To determine what programs are available to you, visit the Academic Common Market site.

Additional Questions about the Academic Common Market (ACM) visit the ACM FAQ’s.

Academic Common Market Program/Electronic Campus

If you are interested in online programs that qualify for the in-state tuition benefit, visit the Academic Common Market/Electronic Campus program. A complete listing of participating states, colleges and universities, and eligible programs is available.

Additional Questions about the Academic Common Market/EC (ACM) visit the ACM FAQ’s.

Regional Contract Program for Health Professions

The Regional Contract Program (RCP) is a tuition-savings program offered by the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) especially for students in the health professions. It enables qualified students to pursue a first-professional health degree at selected out-of-state institutions, yet pay in-state tuition and fees at public institutions, and reduced tuition at private institutions. Students who live in a state with access to the RCP program and want to earn a degree in dentistry, medicine, optometry, osteopathic medicine, podiatry and veterinary medicine are eligible to participate. States save the high costs of creating their own health programs and expand the number of professionals to serve their citizens in these specialized fields, and students gain the opportunity to prepare for these professions at reduced tuition rates. SREB is the fiscal agent for the program and handles administrative duties for participating states.

For program specific information, visit the Regional Contract Program site.

Additional Questions about the Regional Contract Program visit the RCP FAQ’s.