State Initiatives

The U.S. Government and colleges aren't the only source of financial assistance available to adult e-learners. In order to help you develop skills and further employees' careers, many employers offer assistance towards the cost of beginning or continuing your college education. State offer specific programs for their residents.

Employer Benefits - Does your employer provide support for your learning?
Employer assistance may be provided through up-front tuition payment assistance, or through reimbursement of tuition costs following completion of credits for which they were paid. 

Savings Plans - can work for adult/e-learners too! 

You can invest in a 529 plan to benefit anyone's education, including your own! Even if you intend to become an adult e-learner in the near future, it's never too late to start saving for your college education. Even a small investment now can potentially save you money when you actually begin or resume your education in the future. Qualified tuition plans, widely known as 529 plans (named after the section of federal tax code that authorizes them), are savings and investment instruments designed to help pay future higher education costs. Though typically established by states, educational institutions were also allowed beginning in 2002 to establish their own 529 plans.

  • UPromsie

UPromise is a unique program that allows you to automatically save money for college through your everyday spending. By joining UPromise for free at, you can establish a UPromise savings account that accrues savings for college from your daily purchases. UPromise savings can either be kept in your UPromise account or invested into a 529 College Savings Plan. And just as with 529 Plans, you can use the money you save through UPromise to pay for anyone's college expenses, including your own!


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